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OBD/ALOBD/OBDDM — Opposed-Blade Damper

How to Specify

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  • Model number
  • Width
  • Height

OBD/ALOBD/OBDDM — Opposed-Blade Damper


  • Model OBD is used on registers and grilles. OBDDM is used for duct mounting. Opposed-blade dampers have vertical blades that move in opposite directions to control air volume over the entire face of a register or grille.
  • Interwoven tension spring on blade pivot points permits positive setting from full-open to full-closed. Blades are screwdriver operated. Extremely shallow depth allows damper use in shallow stackheads.
  • Extruded aluminum or steel. Mill finish standard.
  • OBD14 available for use on 1400 series only.