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AL700/700 — Nonvision Door Grille

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AL700/700 — Nonvision Door Grille


Submittal Data (174 KB, PDF)
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  • Non-vision Door Grilles are designed for installation in doors, walls or partitions where constant air passage is required.
  • Closely spaced fins are on 1/2" centers for greater free areas. 
  • Available in three models. 
    • Model 700 has 1." border
    • 700A includes core, frame and auxiliary frame that adjusts to fit any thickness from 1 3/8" to 2 1/2"
    • 700C includes core and channel only.
  • Steel or aluminum
  • Steel(700/700A/700C) or aluminum (AL700/AL700A/AL700C)
  • Bright White finish standard for steel, clear anodized or bright white available for aluminum version

AL700/700 - Nonvision Door Grille - Dimensional Drawing