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1530 — Insulated Step-Down Ceiling Diffusers

How to Specify

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  • Model number
  • Diameter
  • Finish

1530 — Insulated Step-Down Ceiling Diffusers


Submittal Data (67 KB, PDF)
  • Provides high air volume delivery in a four-way air diffusion pattern.
  • Three-cone design, fixed core, optional damper control access (damper ordered separately), and 2" high collar for easy flex connections. 
  • Molded fiberglass back meets or exceeds the following: 
    Test and rating reports available upon written request.
    • ASTM E84 Flame and Smoke Test
    • UL181 Erosion and Impact Test
    • "R" value of 6
    • RR7811 Approval for Los Angeles. 
  • Collar sizes available: 6", 8", 10", 12", 14".
  • Use with AL10PF plaster frame for surface-mount applications
  • All-steel construction. Formed steel back panel. 
  • Bright White finish standard.

1530 - Insulated Step-Down Ceiling Diffusers - Dimensional Drawing