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1400/AL1400 — Square/Rectangular Ceiling diffuser

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  • Width
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AL1404A FR33 06 06 WHT (4 way in a T-bar panel)

1400/AL1400 — Square/Rectangular Ceiling diffuser


Submittal Data (127 KB, PDF)
Submittal Data — 1400 (151 KB, PDF)
Engineering Data (85 KB, PDF)
  • High capacity ceiling diffusers. Because they maintain an unbroken horizontal flow pattern from maximum CFM down to minimum CFM, they are an excellent choice for variable air volume applications.
  • The 1400 has one-, two-, three- or four-way deflections.
  • Removable snap-in core is held in place by two tabs that slide into the outer frame. The other side is secured by a positive lock arrangement. Core is easily removed by releasing lock and removing the core. 
  • Available with Flat Margin (FR32), beveled margin (FR31) or in T-Bar Panel (FR33)
  • Optional OBD14 available in three-inch increments from 6 x 6.
  • Steel (1400) Aluminum (AL1400)
  • Bright White standard finish.