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ALFZ2500 — Linear Grille

How to Specify

How to Specify ALFZ2500

ALFZ2500 — Linear Grille


Submittal Data (123 KB, PDF)
  • Model ALFZ2500 is a heavy-duty design for use as floor or sill grilles and registers only.
  • Model ALFZ2500 has 1/2" centers set on 0°, 15° or 30° deflections. Pencil-proof spacing available. 
  • Optional accessories include opposed-blade damper (OBD) and straightening grid. OBD not available on diffuser widths under 3 1/2"; single-blade damper used instead.
  • All-aluminum construction. 
  • Bright White or Clear Anodized finish. 
  • Maximum one-piece construction is six feet. Reinforced on 6" centers. Longer sections butted together. Mitered corners and access doors also available.

Listed Sizes available

Minimum L x W: 4 x 1-1/12
Maximum L x W: 72 x 24

Any fractional inch increment of length.

  • One half inch increments of width.
  • Sizes longer than maximum will be furnished in multiple sections for field-joining. 

* All dimensions in inches. Overall dimension = size - 1/8"
* 8" maximum width for heavy traffic, 12" for occasional traffic.